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You Are Special  – Go To Hospitality & Event Agency Switzerland.

What makes us happy: You! We are happy when our guests are happy – it’s that simple! We are very lucky to be able to live out our enthusiasm for hospitality events at various Gadget abc Entertainment concerts and shows, and to be able to offer our clients an experience even before the highlight of the evening.

What we stand for: Quality – before, during and after our hospitality event. Our clients can rely on us to be flexible and simple-minded. We always strive for a win-win solution and do our best to achieve it. A long-term relationship is important to us – whether with our clients or partners.

What we do: Our hospitality events are not “typical VIP” events – that’s what we stand for with our name “You Are Special Hospitality Package”. We want our guests to show up, immerse themselves in another world and switch off. You will look in vain for a red carpet – unless it fits into the overall concept. Instead, our guests can look forward to pleasant hostesses and hosts. An atmosphere where our visitors feel comfortable and content is our goal.

Any questions? We prefer talking on the phone +4158 225 84 40. We like being on a first name basis, as we believe that we all prefer to be addressed by our first names. If you prefer to be addressed differently, just let us know – flexibility is our trademark.

The best way to convince yourself of our hospitality events is on site.

We look forward to it!

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