The YAS Whistleblowing System

Integrity, reliability, respect and trust have the utmost priority at YAS. These values are an integral part of our corporate activities. They are crucial to our corporate success and to the trust our employees, customers, business partners and shareholders place in us.

YAS does not tolerate any breach of applicable laws, internal guidelines or the YAS Code of Conduct. It is therefore important that the company is notified of any potential misconduct on the part of employees or suppliers as soon as possible so steps can be taken to prevent it.

In cooporation with the Parent company (CTS EVENTIM), YAS runs an independent, impartial and confidential whistleblowing system for the entire CTS EVENTIM Group. Employees and third parties such as customers and suppliers can use the system to confidentially report cases of potential misconduct and thereby help to resolve them.


A key pillar of the whistleblowing system is the principle of a fair trial. This includes offering channels for anonymous reporting and communication.

YAS will not take any steps to uncover the identity of anonymous whistleblowers. The company will also not tolerate any discrimination against whistleblowers or anyone else who helps with an investigation into potential misconduct.

All investigations will be conducted under the strictest confidentiality and will preserve the anonymity of the whistleblower. The presumption of innocence will apply to the person or people being investigated. The information will be processed in a fair, swift and secure manner.

How are the reports processed?

YAS reviews all reports for serious breaches of regulations by employees or suppliers of YAS.

The information will be processed swiftly, and then carefully and systematically assessed. If there are initial grounds for suspicion of misconduct, Compliance will be tasked with conducting the investigation. YAS will then assess the results of the investigation and, if the misconduct is confirmed, will recommend a sanction.  If necessary, they will inform the relevant law enforcement agencies.

In line with the legal provisions, whistleblowers will be informed promptly about the status of their report and the outcome of any investigation.

Whistleblowers can also report potential human-rights and environmental violations, including serious risks, to YAS via the whistleblowing system. YAS will then inform the relevant bodies, which will review and deal with the matter in the appropriate manner.

Making a report

The whistleblowing system offers several channels for reporting potential misconduct.

Aside from this, whistleblowers also have the legal right to contact the relevant authorities at any time, as described below.