Terms and conditions

1. General

YOU ARE SPECIAL – Events AG (hereinafter YAS organizes, among other things, events around the concerts / events of Gadget abc Entertainment. YAS offers packages that, depending on the offer and booking, include tickets and food & beverage offers before, during and/or after the events.

2. Scope of application

The General Terms and Conditions apply to all events organized by YAS and govern the relationship between the customer and YAS.

3. Payment modalities

In general, advance payment is required with a payment deadline of 10 days after order confirmation. After receipt of payment, the tickets will be sent to the Customer. In case of late payment, YAS is entitled to suspend the delivery of the tickets and/or to terminate the purchase contract without notice (without compensation).

For events with a foreign billing address, a credit card number with expiry date must be provided in order to guarantee 100% prepayment.

4. Wrong deliveries

In case of discrepancy between the tickets ordered by the customer and the tickets actually sent, the customer is obliged to contact the sender immediately within 4 working days or, if less time remains before the concert. Otherwise, the tickets are considered approved by the customer.

5. Lost / damaged tickets

There is no right to replacement for lost and/or damaged tickets. When leaving the venue, the ticket loses its validity in principle.

6. Liability / security

The visitor is obliged to observe the respective safety regulations of the organizer. Non-compliance may result in expulsion from the venue and forfeiture of the ticket. The organizer is committed to the greatest possible safety, but cannot accept any liability for damages of any kind.

Professional sound and/or image recording of any kind is prohibited. Bringing glass containers, cans, plastic canisters, pyrotechnical objects, torches and weapons is generally prohibited. Non-compliance will result in expulsion from the event area. In case of doubt, a security check will be carried out at the entrance.

The organizer is not responsible for lost or stolen items. In addition, only tickets purchased at official advance booking offices will be accepted.

7. Concert

YAS has no influence on the design, length, content and volume of the concert. At concerts, there may be a risk of possible hearing and health damage due to the volume. Hearing protectors will be distributed free of charge at the concerts.

8. Parking

When parking, the instructions of the law enforcement officers apply. The owner parks his vehicle at his own risk.

9. Age restriction

As a matter of principle, small children under the age of six are excluded from all YAS events for safety reasons. The organizer declines any responsibility or liability for damages in case of violation.

Children six years and older are counted as full paying persons and also require a valid admission ticket.

10. Visual material

The visual material provided by YAS for the partners and sponsors on the abc Production Server may be used by the customer for the agreed conditions and purposes, which must be confirmed in writing (letter or electronic) by YAS. In the case of use of image material, the “permission to print” must be obtained from YAS in each case. The Customer acknowledges that the supplied photographic material is copyrighted work within the meaning of the Copyright Act.

11 Promotion

Without the express prior consent of YAS, the Customer is not permitted to use the Special Packages / VIP Tickets in advertising directed at the general public and/or for raffles.

12 Postponement, Cancellation

12.1 Postponement of the event

If an event is postponed or the venue changes, the ticket shall be valid for the postponed date or the new venue, irrespective of the reasons for the postponement.

12.2 Cancellation of the event

If the event is cancelled, the price paid for the event including the ticket will be refunded. YAS will credit the corresponding amount to the credit card within four weeks. In case of payment against invoice, the amount will be credited to the bank or postal account indicated by the customer. The following form must be filled in to request a refund: YAS_Rückerstattung_EN

13. Cancellation before the event by the customer for private events (not package events)

From 80 persons the following conditions apply:

60. to 80. working day 50% of the occasion

59. to 35. working day 80% of the occasion

From 34th working day 100% of the event

For less than 80 people the following conditions apply:

40th to 25th working day: 50% of the occasion

24th to 16th working day: 80% of the occasion

from15. working day: 100 % of the event

Ordered tickets cannot be cancelled or returned.

14. Data protection regulations

YAS complies with the Swiss Data Protection Act in accordance with articles 31 bis paragraph 2, 64, 64 bis and 85 number 1 of the Federal Constitution 1,2.

15 General final provisions

15.1 Applicable Law

Swiss law and Swiss regulations are applicable. The invalidity of individual provisions of the contractual relationship shall not lead to the invalidity of the entire contract.

15.2 Place of jurisdiction

The parties shall in any case first seek direct discussion in order to resolve any disputes in this way. If this does not succeed, they shall jointly appoint a mediator. If no amicable agreement can be reached within one month of a party’s first written request for mediation, the matter may be brought before the state courts. In this case, the exclusive place of jurisdiction shall be Zurich.