You Are Special x The Cocktail


For years they have been working behind the bar. They have created thousends of cocktails. Classics as well as their very own creations. And for you to enjoy them at home they stareted creating their favorits in a ready to drink bottle. Only thing you need is a glass, some ice cubes and your favorite cocktail is ready to drink. Matching our You Are Special Packages we decided to create our very own Cocktail – a ready to drink cocktail for you to enjoy.

YAS Cocktail Content: 50cl | Ingredients: Apple, bitter, elderflower, lime | Alcohol: 23% vol


Our Suggestion: Enjoy the cocktail pure on ice. Little secret – add some lime for the refreshing taste and enjoy your cocktail.

YAS Cocktail x Prosecco: Why not top up your cocktail with some prosecco? This makes it nice and sparkly. Important: do not forget those ice cubes.

Why not try it out yourself – and do let us know how you like it.


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